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  An Anonymous Testimonial

I was scared. I have a lot of herniated discs, pain & arthritis. I put the machine on low. I stood on it, knees bent, sat on it cross-legged and knelt forward on the floor w/my hands on it - 10 minutes in all

It started to feel good to my surprise when I was standing on it. I would compare the feeling to RIDING A WAVE. My body was pretty stiff, but liked the movement. After any treatment I always look in the mirror. So when I got off I walked to the bathroom and stared at myself. What I saw shocked me!

I have temporo-mandibular joint syndrome commonly, called TMJ. I have been to three of the top TMJ dentists in the country and they couldn't help me. All my life people have been complaining about my smile. "Why don't you smile!", "Wipe that smirk off your face.", etc. Not having a pretty smile has been a big negative. One kind doctor said, "Well, you smile with your eyes." I want to tell you, and thinking about this is bringing tears to my eyes. After being on that machine the person in the mirror staring at me had a beautiful jaw-line with a pretty mouth and an easy smile. I won't bore you with all the different therapies I've had for my health, but let me just say nothing gave me a jaw-line like this.

Then I noticed that my left shoulder (hurting since '72 when an RN injected die into my arm without getting a vein) was free! In fact both my (usually rounded) shoulders where pain-free and straight. (I was born with Scoliosis.) I went out and walked around, AND my feet started stretching. Well, I thought I like this feeling. That never happened before. On the way home in the car I started feeling this growing sense of well-being in my solar plexus or Power Chakra. And, my breathing from that place (usually I don't breathe very well due to an inherent weakness in my diaphragm) was just like way back when I used to be able to swim two miles without stopping or run five miles in the hills. I might add without the fatigue that used to cause. Plus I just felt this great natural HIGH!

I've had frequent urination since I was a child. It's gotten worse with age. That was gone for a day and a half after using the machine.

My hips are typically crooked from my lower back injury, my legs always feel like they're positioned wrong in their sockets, I can hear my knees when I go down steps, my legs fall asleep easily and feel like they're turning into wood, and I have a bad ankle from birth that goes out on me at the most inconvenient and unpredictable times. ALL that WAS GONE into the next day.

PLUS I slept well, and I had a POSITIVE ATTITUDE. Oh, and my digestion? That was much better; plus my bowels moved easily instead of their usual sluggishness. I had a headache that went away later in the day after I got on the machine. For the first time in a very long time I felt what they call "Joi de Vivre". I am looking forward to getting my own machine, and I am forever grateful to the person who introduced me to this!


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